Create an online store with Chinese goods


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Create an online store with Chinese goods of popular marketplaces with OT Box from OT Commerce. This is a tool to start business with China.

OT Box is a ready-to-use online store already filled with Taobao / 1688 products updated automatically. Site is installed on your domain and has all the necessary settings for online store success and profit.

OT Box includes:
- catalog / search on Taobao / Tmall or 1688 at your choice;
- ordering system and customer personal account;
- free connection of payment systems;
- delivery, price and currency settings;
- goods weight display;
- SEO settings;
- modules for online store promotion;
- possibility to show website in several languages.

You can test website for free before purchase. You will be able to evaluate all its features and determine convenience of working for yourself, see both customer and admin panels, ordering system.

Contact operators on website for full details


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Prepare to be captivated by the rich tapestry of culture, artistry, and centuries-old traditions that lie within our collection. Each item holds a story, a piece of history infused with the passion and dedication of skilled artisans who pour their souls into every creation.