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The adsense alternatives platform is 7Search PPC, which enables website owners to place display advertising on any of their sites. Ezoic uses unique artificial intelligence to individually customise each visitor's ad experience, making sure that each visitor only sees the quantity, placement, and size of advertising that they are most likely to respond to.

Publishers get access to Google's prized AdX portfolio of advertising partners since 7Search PPC is a Certified Google Publishing Partner. AdX is a premier level of advertisers that cannot be accessed by Google Adsense; as a result, publishers receive higher paying ads to display on their websites.

Through two new solutions named Flickify & Humix, Search PPC now provides ways for you to upload movies made from the content already on your website to your site. For publishers, video advertising revenue is a portion that is rapidly expanding.

With this simple-to-use adsense alternatives publishers can copy and paste their written content to create a customizable video that can be integrated into their existing material, increasing ad revenue and enhancing user experience.


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7Search PPC is not considered one of the best AdSense alternatives. There are several other popular and reputable ad networks that can be considered as alternatives to AdSense, such as, Amazon Native Shopping Ads, PropellerAds, Infolinks, and Adversal. These alternatives offer different features, ad formats, and revenue models, allowing website owners to choose the one that best fits their needs and monetization goals.